“We are a music-based creative hub for young people with a passion for making music.  We’ve had the privilege and joy of supporting young artists to become household names and have built a reputation for innovation and passion for everything we do.”

Paul Ryan
CEO, Rising Tide Trust

A little bit about us

Rising Tide is an award-winning music charity based in Hackney, east London focused on supporting young people to develop their artistic minds skills.

Over the last 16 years our innovative programs, projects and workshops have served as professional routes into music and wider creative industries for some of London’s most deprived young people and communities.

We deliver these innovations through our creative hub, which provides knowledge on professional techniques and career support utilising current and future technologies and practices.

Via active citizenship initiatives we also encourage and support young people to be a positive force in their community, helping them to communicate effectively with organisations tasked with providing youth-targeted services.

Teaming with forward-thinking groups, organisations and companies Rising Tide aims to give young people a ‘future experience’ allowing them to be better equipped for a competitive work-force.

“Rising Tide is a key member of the borough’s (Hackney) arts ecology…we have funded the organisation to programme master classes, workshops and live showcases and highly value the work they undertake and the impact they have in the community."

Victor Redwood-Sawyerr, Arts Council, England, London

I have been interested in the work of Rising Tide for several years now and have seen fairly closely how your organisation has helped one particular young man to prepare himself for the adult world. I don't doubt that the youngsters you work with are more likely to turn out to be happy and useful citizens than if they hadn't found their way to Rising Tide.

Councillor Geoff Taylor, Victoria Ward, Hackney

As an industry professional I have witnessed the incredible work the charity has done, bringing together high caliber industry folk with young people who have a passion , via quality projects, workshops and mentoring. I have no doubt that the presence of Rising Tide in the lives of young people has really made a difference to the way they look at the music industry, employment in general and future careers.

Dean Ricketts, The Watch-Men Agency

I have developed a working relationship with Rising Tide and acknowledge the great work they do with young people in the areas of education. I support their work and have witnessed the value they put on developing young people to become profession minded young artists, performers and business people.

Dumi Oburota, Manager of Tinie Tempah & Jessie J, Disturbing London.

Rising Tide has well-established links with local authority, particular Young Hackney... The charity has a wealth of expertise that is valued by young people from across the borough. They are effective at supporting young people in having a voice in decision making and developing their talents as artists. The outcomes achieved by young people clearly supports their transition to further education, employment or training.

Pauline Adams, Head of Service, Young Hackney.